1.     A patient with carpometacarpal joint arthritis of the thumb undergoes trapezium excision and interposition arthroplasty. One year after treatment, radiographs reveal that there has been 25% subsidence of the thumb metacarpal compared with its preoperative height. This degree of subsidence will have what effect on the surgical outcome?

a- Will not affect functional outcome
b- Will result in diminished thumb motion
c- Will reult in diminished pinch strength
d- Will result in diminished grip strength
e- Will result in moderate activity-relatd pain

2.     What is the most common congenital anomaly of the hand?

a- Symbrachydactyly
b- Camptodactyly
c- Syndactyly
d- Polydactyly
e- Constriction ring syndrome

3.      A 25-year-old male hockey player has persistent, deep hypothenar palm pain after falling with his arm extended behind him. Plain X-rays including special views show no abnormalities. What study will provide the most cost-effective diagnosis?

a- Bone scan
b- Ultrasound
c- CT scan
d- EMG study of median and ulnar nerves
e- MRI of the wrist

4.      For complete amputations though the midforearm, replantation usually is not recommended if the warm ischemia time is greater than how many hours?

a- 4
b- 6
c- 8
d- 12
e- 24

5.      What percentage of patients who receive a steroid injection for carpal tunnel syndrome will experience at least transient releif of their symptoms?

a- 0%
b- 20%
c- 50%
d- 80%
e- 100%

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